Fall is in the air!

Shorewood News and Info........


Friendly Reminders

  • Please check to make sure all of your items are removed from the beaches!
  • Deadline for Shorewood dues is December 1st.

Octoberfest 2017

There was a record turnout for Octoberfest this year...59! Haymarket went out of their way to make us feel welcome and to accommodate our large group. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy visiting with fellow Shorewood residents. And thanks to Howard Ansorge for the great picture!

Fall Clean-up

The November 1st deadline is almost here! Please be sure to remove all items from the beach. If you do not remove them nature may.

Dumpsters are available at the playground and North Beach for the disposal of yard waste ONLY. Please be kind, think of the next person, and move your waste to the front of the dumpster and pile as high as you can. No plastic bags please.

Construction Notes

With Labor Day weekend behind us, construction will resume at the Bere and Stine properties located between 520 and 524 Lakeshore Drive. Construction is continuing at the Ryan residence located at 543 Hillcrest. In addition to these three new home construction sites, two other South Loop neighbors will soon begin remodeling projects involving heavy equipment. They are the Ten Have residence at 528 Lakeshore and the Ytterberg residence located at 550 Hillcrest. All the above projects have received the necessary permitting from the relevant governmental entities. All projects are expected to be completed during the spring of 2018.

The presence of heavy construction equipment and related vehicles will present obvious traffic issues. All contractors are aware that materials will need to arrive on small or medium-sized trucks but a concrete mixer is a concrete mixer. Furthermore, most vehicles would not be able to make the turn from Lakeshore up to Hillcrest. Therefore, the changed signage reflecting the fact that the South Loop is (temporarily) two-way in its entirety will remain in effect until further notice. Please exercise extreme caution in this area, especially in icy and snowy conditions.

South Loop neighbors are not the only ones that need to pay special attention. Construction vehicles need to enter via our front gate and move along the designated route of Orchard and then Ridge to cross over the Lindbergh Bridge. Residents in this area should also exercise extra caution.


October Board Meeting

CLICK HERE to read the unofficial summary of the October 7th Board Meeting.  The summary is also posted in the office. The summaries for past meetings are available on the Meeting Notes tab.  If you have an issue or concern you would like the board to address, please contact the appropriate chair or our president. Visit the "about us" page for a list of officers and committee chairs.

Books for the beach: On the hill up from North Beach, residents Rich and Naomi have graciously put up a little red "library mailbox"--take a book to the beach to read, then return it! Good things catch one!  There is now a "library mailbox" on Tower Hill Road as well, right in front of the home of Maureen and Dan Toomey!

Please take note of the mile markers at our beaches.  You never know when you may need them!

  • 14.3 - South Beach 14.5 - Middle Beach
  • 14.6 - North Beach

Shorewood Merchandise

Shorewood merchandise (shirts, sweatshirts, hats and cozies) are available year round.  Our official sales are at Summerfest and the Annual Meeting, but any other time they are just a phone call away.  So if you are looking for gifts or momentos for visitors, just give Janet a call (269-426-4463) or stop by (12136 Tower Hill Road) to select from available styles and sizes. Remember, all profits go to Shorewood Hills!